Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Underhanded Gifts

EDIT 11/10 10:59

NOTE: As always, this journal is written randomly in every language Mugshot knows, including phonetic spellings of non-written languages. Information security FTW!

Through Gloves and Crombie, with the approval of the Guild, I have ordered a shipment of Star Metal rivets and Buckles which will likely be lost on the way to their not actual destination. The shipment will instead find itself to Crombie, who will upgrade the town guards equipment as it comes in for repair as all guards armor and weapons will. This will eliminate any suspicion about what we’re doing. I have been reassured that even casting detect magic will only give the guards a minor aura, combined with antiquing the rivets so they do not look like the Star Metal they actually are, and we’ll have a further enhanced defensive line against any further palms up incursions.

On that note, Alisandra and the Dick will be doing a minor protection enchantment (AC -2, 1 Con), while giving the archers a subtle edge (1 Dex) and melee fighters a little extra ‘oomph’. (+1 str). The Temple even took part in acquiring blood samples from each of the guards. Course, it only matters when they’re wearing it, but you can’t fix everything for everyone all the time.

The wolves seem to be enjoying our new symbiosis. The town has enacted new laws protecting them. Any harm done to a wolf can only be done in self defense, and that claim has to pass muster by The Blue Lady herself.

Yes, love, I know you don’t like me calling you that, that’s why I didn’t! I wrote it down, for posterity, you knOW! Haha, okay, okay.

…Must past muster by the Great Arch-Drui-OW!

…Vyl says so.

No fun at all, dearest!

At any rate, the wolves have accepted their role, and even accepted the werewolf that I am, as well as (with even greater reservation than they did towards myself), the Gnolls from the circus. Still, it is with some (okay, a lot of) amusement that I watch traders who have been away from Olympia for awhile to come back being paced by their honor guard of whichever young wolves want to have a spot of fun and terrify the travelers. I’ll have to talk to see if I can get Korvo to keep his progeny in better line, amusing as it is, it is bound to get us in trouble of they keep it up too much.

Growing pains, and all that.

Jaffa, speaking of trouble, has suggested collecting offal and whatever hunters do not want to use to be placed around the wood by trusted individuals for the wolves. It’ll help keep the wolves out of our livestock and from being a nuisance. As such, I’m going to treat it as a position of honor and trust among the rangers and druids of the area, hand chosen by our local and terribly lovely Arch Druid.

The Brigade of Fire and Steel passed through again recently, and as always seems to happen when they come through town, a party broke out at Russets. Good drinking, good food, and new friends. Or persons of interest, depending on who you speak with. Considering their chummyness with my accidentally adopted Uncle Russet…

That leads to complications, he can’t be my adopted uncle if his children are my neices and nephew, that’d just be strange… Yes, you’re quite right, dear. I am over thinking this one.

At any rate, they seemed quite close with Liad and Russet, so that puts them far, far, far on the list “not a threat to my family”, especially considering some of the stories that came up from the gnomes and Russet, or the fact that Norman (Gnorman? Ow!) has a silver toothpick. They’re alright. I’m still curious about them, but I’ll worry about it later. If anything comes up Ian will let me know, since he’s currently traveling with the Brigade.

Hm, should’ve given him one of the Rings so he could check in, but he’s a resourceful one. Between him and Gloves, I’m not… overly… worried.

Ah, yes. The New Game for the Games… I must say Richard has drastically outdone my expectations and imagination with the new obstacle course. I had anticipated something like a mile long course with walls to climb, mud to slog through, ropes to swing on, something along those lines. What have we got instead? A goddamn ever-changing trap-o-rama designed for individual and team runs. No two runnings will ever be the same.

The next Games will be quite an event!

That is all on my mind for now, so dear paper, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Lady to walk and a tiger to b-OW!



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