Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Through the Veil.

Hell begins to break loose.

Of all the missions and things I have done for the Order (of the Arches), this is turning out to be the most dangerous. I can not go into my journey through the thrice hell’s bedamned Ravenloft, not yet, that information is too dangerous and in the wrong hands, could turn this war for the worse. But I shall put down, my last moments in Ravenloft and what happened after I came through the veil; for debriefing and helping me remember.

Greywolf, my mount my beloved friend, and my most endearing companion; and I were fleeing to reach the veil portal that Liad prophesied would appear, that would lead back to Dunbar and Oerth. As the Night Beast closed on me, I rolled off of the saddle, barely avoiding its greater claws. I shouted for Greywolf to keep riding. Thank to gods that my crossbow was ever loaded, I fired a blast while casting magic missile at the same time. The bolt bushed the beast back, but the combined damage was only enough to stop it for a moment. Then Greywolf, that damned daemon steed, he had ridden to flank the Night Beast. He let loos with his lightening hooves and pushed the NB back. The NB turned on him, striking with a lesser claw knocking him down.

My rage at my beloved friend and steed being knocked down, I turned, full of rage. I attacked the NB. My weapons lost to me now, in the fog of the beast. I never thought to draw my sword, I leaped on the NB, ripping through its corporeal chaos. I ripped through it, destroying the magic bonds that held it together. I ripped the hear that bound it. swallowing it. As the NB dissipated around me, I saw Greywolf rise to his feat. I growled for him to run, he refused, then I howled at him.

He charged towards me, rising, rearing up as I was hit from the rear by the greater claw of another Night Beast. So intent on my companion, that I was not paying attention to the world around me. His rearing and lightening hooves saved my life, for I only took that one claw.

I turned as the NB backed away, I saw the others behind it. I grabbed the saddle and mounted GreyWolf. Pulling the artifact from my saddle bags, pushing Greywolf for all he was worth and threw the artifact behind me the blast threw both of us through the Veil. In truth, I do not know if we made it all the way through together, or if we were separated.

I do know that I awoke and Greywolf was nearby. I was with a motley group just this side of the Veil. I smelled the tain of my kind among them, But it was the juggler from Olympia, whom I had recruited into the order. I also smelled Lobo heavily, but he was not around. I realized that I was among some of is converts.

I was still a bit foggy when they were attacked by some vampyre dwarves, those damned souls. I will weep for them when there is time for tears. But this does mean that the artifact worked. Sealing the veil entrance from the Night Beast. I was able to stop that terror from ravaging this land. For now.

One of the VDs did their lethal charge and struck Brenna. The charge sapped her strength, a life altering thing indeed. The group fared well against them otherwise. The town guard and regiment men fought bravely. It was a harsh battle yet short, thanks to their bold leader and the rambunctious crew. As the VDs were being dealt with, we were blesses by Daniel and his bride.

Daniel offered his gift of the night to Brenna, something that I am sure Ciara might find interesting. But she is one to take any and all advantages. I must mark that she has 30 nights to be cured of it, or else fall to it forever. The Order will of course, help her in what ever she chooses.

Since there is time between each wave, we were able to rest. My wounds were tended to by this young waif of a lass, one of the Indopanese if my guess is right. One of the highborn, why she is with these louts, LOL, well who am I to wonder that. I am one of the few who can call forth Oblivian for protection. And praise the great Mishalkal for my not getting the taint of darkness that the Night Beasts can curse you with.

The group, at Brenna and a Regiment lad’s suggestion. Built a palisade of pikes In a cross hatch manner. This would work well against the VDs. They had also dismembered and burned the VDs. A wise thing.

When the next wave came through, it was zombies. Weak, easy to kill, but they were en mass and their bite (and claws) are lethal with rot. One of the groups members was rotted in the leg and the gut. The large Ogress. (who am I to judge on what one wishes to be)

They held the line well. I am proud of them. Even at being overrun they fought well and had each others backs. Using similar explosive arrows to the IWG. Even using an odd strategy, one of their number. Kurtwood, to use one of the northern Krondorian Sven’s Great Assbone’s. The stories of their lighting strike is true, if less successful than they might have hoped. I guess they take, taking one for the team, to an interesting level.

When they did disperse them we were grateful for the rest. We mended our hurts and took a much needed break. It was in this time that I had need to leave the group. Hoping to see them again, I will buy them each an ale at Russets.

I feel the need to also spend some time with this pup Mugshot, to make sure he can fully control his moods, though I feel his lady can control him if need be, but she has always been strong. Stronger than many of her kind. She has helped the Order many many times, and I know she is willing to again, if she is able.



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