Richard "The Dick" Magus

Mage extreme, Demi God, Amazing, Astounding, the Awesome... The Dick


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 196
Hair: Light Brown
Sex: Male

He most often wears immaculate wizard’s robes. They are Black with Blue accents and blue and silver embroidery in various designs around the edge on the trim and also in designs on the robe. These designs are magic runes and ritual marks. He wears soft kidskin gloves and boots. These are all enhanced and are in facts artifacts gifted him by various ones he has helped They give him many bonuses, including a dexterity of 22. He wears bracers of defense AC -10. His robes are immune to magical attacks, most dragon breath weapons, and have many other attributes. Under his robes, he wears a warriors harness. It gives him a strength of 22 and a constitution of 24. He also wears a long sleeved shirt that is tightly woven netherweave and the silk of the Chaos Spider. And tights made of the same materials. He is covered in tattoos that are magical in nature. All save his hands and his face/neck areas.

Richard was born to a brothel whore who convinced one of her dumber clients that he was his. She sent him to be raised by this man in exchange for him getting freebies weekly. The man (Rufus) was simple and simple minded, but he did try to raise Richard as best as he could. The man was a short and squat quarry man, a stone cutter. He swung a sledge hammer all day. He lived at the edge of town, which made him have a long walk to the quarry, but it allowed Richard to both see his mother, and to allow Richard to go to the town school.

It was on one of these walks that Rufus was beset by bandits and beaten horribly. Richard (an 8 year old boy) cared for him, leaving school and working as a rat catcher and chimney sweep to help pay for things. As the son of an invalid, and a whore, he was shunned by most of the town kids anyway. He grew very bitter and distant to everyone but Rufus. He loved his ‘father’ dearly. His mother would send him some coin occasionally, and she would come to the house to pay her ‘debt’ to Rufus weekly. She seemed to really care for the simple man. She seemed more distant to Richard, but that was her way. She did love her son, as much as she could.

It was in his duty as a chimney sweep, a job usually done by orphans, where he met a young lad of 12 named Pip. He and Pip became good friends. Richard was highly intelligent, and very dexterous. over a few years, Pip and other orphans became Richard’s best friends. They cared little who his parents where. And they taught him thieving skills which helped him bring home more coin to help his father. During this time, Richard became a devout follower of The Unknown God. The god of orphans, lost causes, and the down trodden.

When Richard was 12, and Pip, um… was still 12. Pip introduced him to a man who would change his life. He introduced him to Liad Ruo, one of the greatest mages to have ever lived, the most prized student of Elminster himself. Liad was the chief Imperial Adviser, A god himself, who was the consort of Mystra Of Midnight, the goddess who created magic and shared it with the denizens of the universe. Liad, seeing the possibilities and potential of the boy offered to teach him, himself. And while Richard greatly desired this, he refused to leave his father. When Liad offered to bring his father, Richard again refused, he could not take his father away from his mother. Her weekly visits were all Rufus looked forward too. SO Liad parked his famous wagon next to Richard’s house and taught the boy personally for 5 years. In that 5 years, he would leave to perform his duties when needed, but he remained a faithful mentor and teacher to Richard. And Richard became a great mage during this time of intense tutelage. Pip, the forever 12 year old often joined in on the lessons.

Richard’s mother was quite proud of her son, but too damaged by her early life to show much affection. Rufus too was so very proud of his boy. Even when it was painfully obvious that Rufus was NOT his natural son to all others. He just spoke of how tall and great his son was becoming.

As Liad was one of the most important beings in the empire, the Emperor and Empress themselves would come to the small town to visit. They always stayed in Liad’s great and magnificent wagon. As did the great Lord Oblivion, and the Lord Killian Salvatore Falkonian. They were all greatly impressed with this young lad. The mage and Valleria also often visited and would help train Richard in various magical arts. At one point, Liad had to leave for an extended time, 8 months. Vallaria stayed and trained Richard, with her daughter Karina. Karina and Richard fell in love, being the same age. In a year, they were married.

Richard and Karina both were skilled mages, and they began to adventure with a small band of heroes. It was on one of these journeys that Richard was taken prisoner by the evil goddess Takhisis. She tortured him for 10 thousand years. Killing him, bringing him back to life, doing all of the worst, most horrible things to him. Partially shredding his soul. Karina sacrificed herself to safe what was left of Richard’s soul. The party tried to resurrect her, but she refused the resurrection, knowing it would cause Richard to lose the rest of his soul. In the end, it was his devotion to The Unknown God (TUG), that saved him. Karina Prayed to TUG, and begged for his intervention. As soon as TUG realized what was happening to one of his most ardent followers he rushed to protect him. Karina fought off Takhisis and her minions with their band of heroes. So that TUG could try to rebuild Richard’s soul enough to save him and pull him from the Abyss. Takhisis seeing what was happening, summoned Baal to aid her. Karina herself engaged Baal, and was slain. But the power of her love for Richard allowed her to give a portion of her soul to him, to patch some of what had been shredded. This act meant that were she to resurrect, she would need to take that portion back. So she refused. Richard was saved, he had less emotion than before and was a gruffer, coarser and much more bitter person than he was before.

The 10 Thousand years in the Abyss had only been a few years in the real world. And he found that Karina had born him a daughter. That daughter was being raised by his mother. Valaria had perished in a god war fighting Takhisis, Baal, Bane, Chemosh, and other great evil deities from various realms and pantheons. Liad was injured in this war as well.

For his service, and his creation of the process and rituals to reverse the draconian process of dragon eggs. TUG granted Richard a boon. Richard asked for his father to be healed and as he was before the accident. TUG did so, this also reversed the years and Rufus was once again a young man. TUG went further and did the same for Matty.

Matty and Rufus married, Matty had fallen in love with Rufus during the time they had spent raising Heather with him. Richard went back to their home, but was a broken man. Hid dear friend Pip came to him, and helped heal him with love and kindness. When Richard tried to rebuff hi,, saying he had no capacity to love, that his love died with Katrina. Pip told him that Heather was part of Katrina, and to find love in his daughter. And Richard tried, he forced himself to find some love. And he did find it. Not much, and it was mostly for Heather. She became his shining jewel in his life. He was able to find some love for a few close to him, but it was at great feats and works of his soul to do so.

Richard complained to Pip that other than his love for his daughter, he could not bring himself to love others. He felt he had become a dick to everyone. So Pip told him to become the best, or worst dick he could be. As long as he never lost his love for his daughter and those he CHOSE to love.

And while love was difficult for Richard, he had a great capacity for compassion. As well as respect for those he felt earned it. He also became VERY protective to those he chose to care for.

Matty and Rufus had found a joy and love in caring for orphans. They dedicated their lives to caring for them. Matty even became a priestess to The Unknown God. When Takhisis sought revenge, she threw chaos demons at the small town, trying to destroy Richard and those he loved. Pip himself aided Richard in protecting it. Heather had become a good mage in her own right. They and a few others protected the town, but many of them were altered by the chaos. When it was over, they were saved, but different. They did not age, and they had some abilities. The town was left in ruins, and the area was contaminated by chaos. So they travelled to another area near a joining of two rivers. They founded a new town and named it for one of the heroes who perished in the god war, Olympia.

The town became famous for an annual festival and game of sports and skill. A way for warriors to vent steam, and to encourage training of martial skills. Olympia’s son was the first magistrate. His daughter married the duke of the duchy Olympia was in. They are the ancestors of Dar and Brian, the current Duke and his brother the acting Duke (and let’s face it, the Duke in fact LOL).

After several Generations, Rufus and Matty chose to retire and travel, they were granted the right to Spelljam, and run a fleet of Spelljaming ships crewed by orphans. They are missionaries to spread the word and deeds of The Unknown God. Richard left the town as well on many adventures, most often accompanied by his daughter Heather, when she was not teaching at Liad’s academy.

After another great war, and seeing that Olympia needed some guidance, Richard came back to the town and built a mage tower and an artifact store. He opened an academy, and began teaching as well. He is a great friend to the local orphanage. And offers them many gifts, along with his dear friend Pip. He often does deeds for others, in exchange for favors.

He is a member and mage advisor to the local thieves’ guild. As Heather has had children in her existence, Richard does have descendants, and he works to love them as well.

His dear friend Russet and his family opened a restaurant in Olympia, which has become famous. And after the expansion, they opened a second one. Russet’s son Davy has become one of Richard’s best apprentices.

Russet is a dick, he wears that as a sort of armor. He treats even his friends with disdain, yet there is always compassion there. He is a sucker for lost causes, and for those who feel wrong about themselves. Growing up as a poor whore’s child, teased and bullied by the town kids, he always felt wrong. Like he was born in the wrong body. The wrong creature. Not a laborer, yet that was the life he saw for himself. Until he met Pip, and Pip introduced him to Liad. Then he came into his own and became what he felt he was supposed to be.

Richard "The Dick" Magus

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