Mugshot WolfFang DragonTooth

Bareknuckle Boxing Juggler Thief-turned-Ranger


Mugshot is a heavily scarred and tattoo’d half-orc who can often be found with a mug larger than most people’s heads either in his hands or on his hip (when not on the bar at Russet’s), and with a chain-flail draped across his shoulders. His juggling skills, quick wit, and affable manner have led him to a surprising array of friends and compatriots, but what he wants more than anything is to disappear into the woods and be on his own.

Being popular is surprisingly hard work.


Reluctant head of the Olympian Thieves Guild, juggling attraction for Russet’s tavern, and runner up of Olympia’s Annual Amateur Boxing Tournament two years running, and respected member of the community, even if he does have a white tigress (named Dryfa) as a companion.

Mugshot’s entire life has been spent stealing and fighting. He has no memory of his mother or father, only of his time on the streets of various towns. His skill as a fighter lead him into the boxing arena, where he lived well enough for a few years until an unfortunate incident occurred. Thanks to Luciatto, he was able to get revenge and the two have been working together since.

On his first job in the town of Olympia, he was given a strange figurine, which has only proven the old adage, “Don’t take random magical items from strangers.”. He is now soul-bound to (and in love with) a long-dead High-Elven sorceress(?). Her name is Vylwinalli, though most of Mug’s compatriots know her simply as ‘The Blue Lady’, or ‘That naked elf chick in his head.’, depending on who you talk to. Should he be near death, she will take corporeal form and defend his life, to her own death if that is what is required.

Thanks to her, he has since rescued a dragon (with help from his friends), ‘befriended’ a demon/dragon, and not died in his adventures. He has also been put on the path to Ranger-hood.

He also has no problem befriending just about anyone, as proven most recently with Circus that will now be an annual show in Olympia. His philosophy is simple: Do good by him, he’ll do good by you. So what if you’re chaotic evil and follow an equally evil god?

Mugshot is fiercely protective of his adopted family, which includes Russet’s family, Nith, Lucy, and Chrys, as well as the children of the pages guild. He has punched faces out the backs of people’s heads for harming his companions, and even faced down the Bitch Dragon Queen Takhisis.

He is the reluctant leader of the Rogues.

He has recently missed the opportunity to truly protect all that he loves, and is not likely to forgive himself, fearing he has doomed them all.

Due to an unfortunate bite from a werewolf, he has now been afflicted with Lycanthropy. A stint with the Gypsies, Alazar, and a plainsfolk Shaman have given him a remarkable amount of control over his lupine aspects, and he no longer fears for what he might do to his companions should he lose control of the Wolf inside.

More than anything, he wants to return home to his family, tiger, and tree, but between a job that could end the world, and a ridiculous number of assassins and mercenaries after them, it simply is not safe or sane to return yet.

Mugshot WolfFang DragonTooth

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