Estavan DelGato Kajit

Raksasha Merchan whi has EVERYTHING in his wagon.


He is a merchant among merchants, a specialist in having whatever you need or want, at all times. He is a 6’8" tall Raksasha who wears bright colors and fine cloths. He is also a ferocious fighter and mage and at times a cleric. Much like his wares, whatever is needed at the time.


He is a wily and intelligent Raksasha. He, his wife, his cub, and his house warden, the 3rd continent elf; travel with various caravans across Oerth and beyond. They spend much time searching for artifacts that can be used on the 4rd continent and Darksun itself, without causing defiler magic issues. He is a VERY honest merchant, and has a way about him that he can anticipate the needs of most clientele. Being lawful neutral, with chaotic tendencies, he is a stickler for obeying the law of the area he is in. But willing to step across a border to sell what a clients needs. The LETTER OF THE LAW is the important thing. He wife Kajeet DelGato Kajit, is a cleric and an artificer. His cub Kaajite Delgato Kajit is a rogue of rogues. He is as agile as they come and with his claws and dexterity, already a formidable foe. The Elf, she is a mystery to all but the family and herself. She is a psionicist, a healer and a mage. She also has a VERY intense dislike of Dunbarian High Elves. Particularly their Royal Guard.

Estavan DelGato Kajit

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