Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mugshot's Journal #147

Tactical Thought Play

It’s moot, but I was thinking about that floaty island I pulled recon on earlier. If I were taking a small force up there to clear it out, I’d follow the following plan:

Scout the periphery / forest and remove any guards that had ranged that far as quietly as possible.

Once the forest was more secured, set some snares and trip lines for quick easy trap material, and begin baiting more inhabitants into the woods.

The open fields are too open. Their archers might not be well equipped, but volume could still easily bring us down, so we stick to the trees as much as possible to limit their vision and efficacy. Send a secondary element to that village, circling around the woods to get to the backside, and continue to bait in small groups and take them out.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if we’re quiet or an alarm’s raised. With only a token force visible, we should continue to bait them into the alleys of the town or the forest where the lower visibility will play in our favor to continue to mask our numbers and reduce their ranged capabilities.

They will likely catch on to the game, and begin either attempting to saturate the woods with arrows, burn them down, or both. From there, we can circle to the town and advance on the temple and their main force, thinning their ranks with explosive arrows and magic.

Once inside, their superior numbers will be significantly reduced in capability, and our superior combat experience and equipment should allow us to quickly and decisively locate whatever objectives we may have within the temple, or simply blow it to hell and escape in the ensuing chaos.

What do you think, Lobo? Good plan? Vyl thought it would be a good idea for me to write it down so I didn’t forget.

Back to bed for me.


Lobo, resting, after a busy day defending the realm he helped shape, was a bit annoyed when one of his warrior priests steps to the tent flap and clears thier throat. “ahem”

Lobo rubed his eyes, smelled the oil that some of his warrior priests made from the tropical coconut, to protect their skin from the sun, and the leather parts of their armor. (a waste, the skin maybe a good idea, but on the leather just adds some shine. But the white ‘meat’ of the nuts is rather tasty and the water of it as well.) Knowing that only a handful of those men and womenalso wear a small clove of garlic with silver needles in a cheese cloth sack around their necks, and he could smell the garlic in the air, and feel the soft, smooth, caress of the silver flowing about the air. The throat clearing sounded masculine, but he also smelled the slight scent of rose water. Which meant it was either the half orc warrior maiden priestess Shakiera, or the manlover warrior priest Bonen. He had seen Bonen’s lover heading in from walking pickets a short while ago, so he bet the odds, Bonen was preoccupied.

Without turning his to her, he said. “Yes Shakiera?”

She was startled that he always knew who it was, but well, he is a god after all. “Sir, there was a missive from Oerth.”

Lobo growled, “That candy assed Liad needs to learn to run a gods damned war..”

“No, sir, from the juggler. Um, Mugshot.” She said. She always jumped at Lobo’s growls. He was no lycanthrop like that grey man, Alazar, but he took to his name sake quite well. “He sent it through Lord Russet and his wife.”

Just hearing Russet’s name cheered him, he always thought of the time that Russet convinced an entire island, an devil colony of Banites, to starve to death, by convincing them their massive crop of potatoes were blighted by Chemosh, and convinced the god Koryn to keep all sea life away so they could not fish the waters. The Banites gave all the “rotten” Potatoes to the poor, and starved themselves to an easy defeat. By Russet and his souse chef with only two recipe scrolls and a crucible, pestle. The Banites have much hated Chemosh ever since,

Lobo stood, reaching for the missive, “Thank you Shakeira. You are relieved, get some rest, we have dragons and who knows what on their way, and I need my best rested and ready to fight. Tell Torquer to come in in 20 minutes for my reply. Also, on your way to your tent, tell the Lady Ciara, it will be a cold night, (their current code for, come to our bed) and to keep warm. She uses the thinnest and cheapest tents for herself, giving the warmer ones to the towns folks we pass. Charitable, but leads to cold nights.”

Shakeira hid her toothy grin. “Yes Lord Lobo. Rest well.” She did as bade, smiling as she did so. As if they were hiding anything.

Lobo opened the missive, read it, nodded a few times. Then sat to make his reply.

Seems like a solid plan. Or you could wait till dark and pick those you need to off and sneak in to the GODSDAMNED TEMPLE without alarming them all. Just saying. But yes, your plan is a good one, if we wanted to kill them all, alarm them all, and maybe wake the sleeping dragon. Does this answer your question?”
He was going to leave it at that, but then thought about it.
“Also, beware of the little bald men wearing just silk wraps. They are dangerous. They are the ones who taught Russet how to use a toothpick. Well, not the same ones , but you get the idea. Also, all of the denizens of the island may be under the control of the bitch queen, so they may be innocent. Use your best judgement. On second thought, use my best judgment, kill what needs to be killed, deserves to be killed, or may make a good story one day. But get that artifact.”

Mugshot's Journal #147

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