Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mughsot's Journal #146

Home Again, for Now

I have returned from my posting at the Gate / Veil / Rift to Ravenloft and I must say that it was both enlightening and exciting. We have defeated a Banshee, semi-artificial vampiric dwarves, a horde of zombies, and four… I will call them Draklings, for lack of a better name. Chimeric amalgamations of in this case Red, Blue, and Black dragons, I would guess. Tough, intelligent, large, and bitey.

Our posting consisted of two Imperial Regiment and two town guards, as well as Brenna, Kurtwood, Osrika, Corky/Kitty, and Drace of the Brigade of Fire and Steel, with myself and Ian. Upon arrival, we consecrated additional ground as (temporary) Priests of Lobo. Kurtwood shared Laughing Water with everyone, negating my attempt to set a watch.

For combat, our first bout went quickly and efficiently. A Banshee stepped through the veil, stunned a couple of us with her Scream, and then died relatively quickly after being riddled with arrows and then being yanked headfirst into consecrated ground. The vampires came through sometime later, and were a much greater threat. Their hammers struck hard, and left a chill that went to your soul, but their true danger lay in their charge. When damaged, they would launch themselves at the one who wounded them, slamming that unfortunate to the ground and draining from them their strength. Brenna found this first hand.

After they were dispatched, the Regiment and Brenna came up with an excellent idea of erecting a pike wall across the road. Hopefully, should the vampires arrive again they would dash into a pike wall and save us from harm. Instead we got zombies. Even with Kurtwood and Ian using explosive arrows to soften them up and reduce their number, quite a few got behind our line and forced us to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

On the Brigade of Fire and Steel: I do not know what the dynamics of their full party are like, but with the reduced numbers I was fighting with I must say that they have a solid party dynamic. Their leader is heroic and inspiring. Brenna is a force to be reckoned with and wields a frying pan that I wouldn’t ever wish to be on the receiving end of. Osrika is a very talented healer and not a bad mage, Kitty is gigantic and great at that, and they all work very well together.

Ian is still obviously an outsider among them, and hasn’t quite hit his stride with their dynamic yet.

And then there’s Kurtwood. He reminds me somewhat of Mondar, except significantly more so. He is reckless. He doesn’t appear to actually give a damn who he kills as long as he’s getting a kill, but is such an effective force on the battle field that even when he severely injures or kills those that he’s fighting WITH, no one seems quite willing to kick him out.

I will say that he is very lucky that he did not kill either of my friends from the town guard, or he would not have made it back to Olympia. Or Ian, for that matter.

The first two draklings were large, but not particularly so. I suppose they were younger. They scorched us, but we put them down relatively quickly. The third was much a larger, closer to an oliphant. This one crushed our Fearless Leader’s armor to his body.

I made the relatively rash decision to leap onto its back, planning on severing spinal column from the base of the skull, but I missed my slash as the beast leaped into the air and almost immediately began barrel rolling. With nothing to hold on to I fell, but managed to tag the beast with my chainflail and send a blast of lightning to it’s head, bring the beast down more or less right on top of me. We both came to our feet, I avoided it stomping at me, and smashed the light out of it with a last swing from my flail, putting the beast down. Just to be certain, I cleaved it’s skull with Brichard’s ax to ensure it… probably wouldn’t survive. By the time I made it back to our position, they have felled a second of the larger Draklings.

As with the previous waves, we regrouped, patched ourselves up, but couldn’t do much further about the drakling corpses, though the Zombies were piled and burned.

Our relief showed up early, and immediately began further fortification of the position while we packed our slightly-crushed leader onto a wagon and headed back to Olympia.

Now, I will be perfectly upfront here: Despite the security inherent within this journal, there are some things I feel are simply too sensitive to put down here, even if Vyl and I are quite probably the only beings capable of actually reading them. We saved someone’s life, we met some interesting denizens of another world, and Brenna is apparently a vampire now.

Speaking of, Alizar should have the notes on that to me shortly.

At any rate, Laughing Water is great and all, but combat is combat and twelve hour combat shifts are twelve hour combat shifts. I miss Vyl’s constant, comforting presence in my mind. She’s still there, but she’s further away as she protects our woods. And right now, I’m fucking tired and racking out while I can.

I hope the Magistrate, Reggie, and Rolph are being smart and sneaking off for some rest on occasion as well… Might have to get Krys’s assistance on that front…

Until next time.

Mugshot Wolffang Dragontooth of Olympia
Guildmaster of the Olympian Thieve’s Guild
Member of the Order of Arches

Supplementary Note:

During the fight with the zombies, it would’ve been better to have our archers and mage within the middle of our formation, with our melee fighters positioned in a semi-box formation with the pike wall at our front. When they flanked, this would have allowed us to roll into a reverse Delta formation, or semi-circle, preventing the enemy from penetrating our ranks.

Assuming of course that we had disciplined fighters and a commander who was actually in charge, rather than a lose collection of adventurers and a few guardsmen.



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