Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

In Which Bad Luck is a Two Way Road

Atop the wall, the rogues take stock of their situation. They’re located roughly in the middle of two ‘towers’, both manned with an unknown number of guards. It is assumed there are two more, similar towers we can’t see in the dark. A quick plan is made and put into motion, sending [[:Mondar:]] and [[:Crys:]] ahead of the group to the right tower. They’re both armed with magical acorns, which they attempt to use to freeze the guards.

It… Doesn’t work so well. Neither does Crys’ hiding. On the upside, the gaurds just figure she’s a whore. On the downside, they figure she’s a whore, and try to hold her down.

They are cut down, though the castle wall now has mysterious holes in it.

[[I’m too lazy to finish this. Someone else jump in. I hate being the only person who actually updates this damned thing. ~Koeryn]]


Carefully avoiding the mysterious holes, the party sidesteps proceeding to the next tower, again sneaky sneaky is tried, tower #2 again mistakes a party member for a whore – thank goodness we snuck in in darkness, more holes erupt in the towers, and again we somehow succeed by the skin of our teeth… onto the next tower!


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