Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

In Which A Wolf Bites a Half-Orc and the Rogues Meet Gypsies

The title IS the tagline.

They had been travelling through the cold and snow for a couple of days before coming to the campsite, a hollow cut into the granite cliff by Dwarves of old. Camp was set up relatively quickly, with a lean-to on the southwest corner for the Rogue’s horses, sheltered by the magic tents that hold Rogues, the Village People, and the VP’s horses.

Here, Nith has the very smart plan of staggering the watches, so the party would always have at least one fresh person on watch at any given time, especially during the more dangerous second and third watches.

Mondar the Dwarf’s watch was uneventful, even after he was joined by Fuzzy the Half-Ling. Eventually the Dwarf went to bed, and Mugshot took his place, helping the half-ling onto a rocky outcrop some twenty feet off the ground. Also on watch was the Plainsman, watching from across the road from the camp. Mugshot took his place at the southern corner of the camp, and to help alleviate boredom, he and the Plainsman took turns throwing rocks at each other to see who could get the closest without hitting the other.

Fuzzy’s sharp eyes spot a large shadow within twenty feet of Mugshot, who didn’t appear to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. After a moment’s hesitation, she drew back her bow and let fly a pair of arrows, one of which managed to pierce the beasts hide, alerting Mugshot and the Plainsman to the danger.

As the wolf/monster leaps to attack the Plainsman, Mugshot pulls one of his trusty magical juggling daggers and hurls it into the snow nowhere near the beast. In retaliation, it turns and attacks him, clawing him, but not biting. Fuzzy looses another couple of arrows, one of them hitting Mugshot. An arrow to the back from the Plainsman gets it’s attention and it rushes forward to attack, leaving Mugshot with some bleeding wounds, but otherwise fine. Feeling ready for the beast this time, Mug wraps one hand around the chain flail that rests on his shoulders, and yells, “HEY, BITCH TITS! OVER HERE!”.

The beast charges, and Mugshot swings… And implants his mace in the granite cliff as the werewolf slams into him and pins his shoulders against the cliff wall. It misses a bite as the Plainsman distracts it with an arrow, and Mugshot takes the chance to attempt to force the monster’s head into the ground.

The rest of the party is awake at this point, as Lucy runs forward and stabs it into the back. It bites Mugshot’s leg, a mere flesh wound, but before Mug could retaliate, Mondar hits the lycanthrope with a Sand Acorn, turning it to sand.

::Exposition, congrats, you’re infected and totally a werewolf now, you might kill everyone you love, we might have to kill you, okay you’re good enough to travel, but we still might have to kill you. Something about skeletal warriors saluting one of the village people.::



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