How the group met
Mugshot won a fight and the looser was well connected and had him arrested. He met Luciatto in the jail. Lucy as he is known to his friends, was in there because he got caught trying to steal some fairly expensive bookends from a local book seller. The giant gem encrusted bookends looked like dancing women.
After talking a while they both agreed to help each other escape. They were successful and got away, Lucy decided to help Mugshot get vengeance and together they broke into the losers house robbed him blind and branded him a coward by branding the rune for COWARD on his forehead. (he wears a low hat to this day).
When traveling thru the woods the two heard a commotion and came across some bandits attempting to have their way with a woman. They may be thieves but they are not jackboots, so they went in and killed the 4 bandits saving the woman. They nursed her to health clothed her and took her under their wings. Finding out she was a cleric of Mishalkal a Prime Goddess of healing gave them a good in to many jobs AND a healer to heal them when they screwed up.
This is how Nyth came into the group. She had been traveling to aid poor farmers and villagers in need, when she was betrayed by a crooked farmer and given over to the bandits for a price. They scared face and it healed partially scared. It was revealed to her that, her scars were not a penance but a way to strengthen her and give her power. She learned disguise techniques and most do not know she has those scars. Also she wears a veil often which is acceptable for many women from the south do so as do many elves.
The group needed to hire muscle for a job and they chose a half elven fighter/thief name Crys. She did well and they kept her on and she became a part of the gang. She is a tough as nails fighter yet looks sweet as a chrysanthemum.

Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

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