Rolf Guardsman

Captain of the Guard "Captain Dumpy"


Rolf is the captain of the guard of Olympia. Ironically, while keeping the peace in the sporting town, he shares a home and child with the Thieve’s Guild bruiser.


Rolf was born to a poor family and had been in some trouble as a youth, he was too young to fight in the war, but was old enough to join in the local defense militia, he even met Lord Dar once right before Dar’s fateful mission in which he was captured. He fancied himself a great soldier for a while but it was hard work. When the war ended he took the only job he had any qualifications for that didn’t involve heavy lifting and joined the local town guard. being lazy in general but relatively honest he was made a prison guard, the lowest of the bottom rung. It was almost as if he was created to merely be a nameless body in a room (hehe 2 blue chips for this reference cause he was made an NPC for a one shot). To his credit he never seemed to ingratiate himself with the underbelly dealings of the Magistrate’s guard. Instead he resolved to keep his nose clean (for the most part), and be completely inconspicuous. His only really thrilling happenstance was when this cute lil half elf was arrested for pick-pocketing. The other prison guard a man being punished for his cruelty when he tried to rape the prisoner, Rolf was too shocked and scared to do anything when the short, spunky half elf beat the man to death. Rolf told her to knock him out and leave; knowing that she would be put to death as soon as anyone else came in. As he was the only one alive who knew what the prisoner looked like, he told them all that she was a huge amazonian warrior woman with legs like tree trunks. However, his yearning to be unnoticed turned upside down when the corrupt magistrate was overturned, and his reputation remained unscathed. Working himself up, he abandoned his dumpy careless self, and became the captain of the guard. He spent many days hoping to see the half elven woman again and when he did he knew it was fate. He asked her for a date and over time fell madly in love with her. He knows more than he says, and turns a blatant blind eye to his wife’s extra curricular activities. He has thrown himself into being the best captain of the guard he can be to prove to her what a catch he is. He has gotten to see his wife’s loving tender side with their child, and has gotten to meet and have dinner with the Emperor and Oblivion and His idol Dar’s Brother Brian. He hopes to one day meet Dar himself again, and show that he made good for his idol. He loves his wife blindly which is a good thing. All things considering.

Rolf Guardsman

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