Healing with a side of pick pocketing


Veiled athletic build, robed female, garbed as an adventuring cleric of Mishelkal


The veiled high priestess of Olympia, gained her status as high priestess shortly after arriving in town as a level 1 healer. She quickly proved her worth, and was allowed to sanctify the ground her tent sits on in the market place.

After the crooked magistrate was dispatched shortly after her arrival coincidence I assure you she was offered a fair deal for land in town with permission to build a temple. She reached out to her order, the followers of Mishelkal, and requested a high priestess for the town. Since the town chose her, a high priestess was sent to teach her how to be a high priestess.

Beneath the veil, is the horribly scarred face of our adventuring half elf/ half human lady. She is adept at disguise allowing her to better blend into a crowd – or get away with her extracurricular activity. The scars to her symbolize what she has endured, and a reminder that people are more than they seem. She was found by Mug and Lucy being attacked by some bandits, they rescued her, nursed her back to health, then discovered she was a healer. Owing a debt to her rescuers, and deciding it was safer on the road with them, she learned some of their… talents, and proved rather adept herself.

She is heavily addicted to poppy juice and wont go anywhere without it.


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