Danny - Russet's son a mage


Danny a mage and son of Russet.


Danny — Russets son, Young and on his way to becoming a mage. He loved Mugshot like an uncle or big brother and has become a decent juggler in his own right. He was in training with mages at the bardic college nearby for over a year. Due to his advanced skill, he was sponsored and sent to Liad’s Mage tower and school just south of the Ciaranseer Duchy. He has grown tall for his age and due to Liad’s requirement that all students have a creative, creation job skill, he has taken up with carpentry. his arms have grown strong from carrying wood,swinging hammers and sawing lumber. He also keeps his culinary skills sharp by volunteering three days a week in the schools kitchens. This is odd, due to the fact that meal time is served by the teachers and staff to the students. All meal prep is done by the instructors. This is to show all that even the teachers can serve, and all must at times serve others. He keeps up his skills juggling and integrates illusions and magic entertaining his fellow students.


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