Crysanthe "Crys" Emmumian-Guardsman

Chaotic-Neutral Fighter/Thief Boxing Champion Half-Elf


Unlike the flower she’s named for, Crysanthe is hardly the delicate blossom she may at first appear to be. Standing 4’5" at full attention, Crys is the ironic tank of the party, and resident schipperke. When she is not breaking knee caps for the guild and spliting ribs in the boxing arena, she is the happy wife of Rolf Guardsman, the captain of the guard, and mother to a bouncy baby girl named Dahlia who has a suspicious love of small yellow shiny objects.


Crysanthe is the illegitimate daughter of a lower elf lord and his half-elf maid. After the affair, Crys’s father dismissed her pregnant mother. She quick went togain employment working for the wealthy merchant class at the border towns. She raised her daughter with the help of the estate staff families, and was a loving and caring mother. Crys spent her childhood yearning for a taste of the finer things in life, while using her small stature to sneak and burrow into places she should not be in. This meant that even young, she had a knack for getting into trouble. Frequently she was forced to defend herself from the bigger human children in town and the estate, building her skills as a fighter. She also spent a great deal of time in the kitchens: hiding in the larders and pantries, and watching what the cooks were doing. But as the other children of the estate aged, Crys’s elven blood stunted her own growth. By the time the other children we old enough to have children of their own, she was still a child. After her mother’s death, she could no longer be sheltered at the estate, and left to find her way to Dunbar City. Once ingratiating herself with the Theive’s guild there, she began to develop her already budding talents as a Rogue and Bruiser.

I Hate This Power:
Crysanthe has the ability to demension walk. This would seem incredibly useful if it was not for the fact that she has never been able to use it properly. The first time she used it to get into a vault, she ended up gasping for air under the water of a local lake. Under desperation to help the party escape, she used it one more time. More unfortunately, she landed in the abyss. She spent a year in the pitch black horror, slowly tortured by Takhisis, the Goddess of Darkness. In that time, she witnessed not only the death of her guild, husband, and infant, but also as they killed her over and over again. She had every organ gouged out, and her skin filleted off. The worst of this was that she was never permitted to scream. It was the guild that rescued her from the abyss, and to them she owes everything. It took Mishalkal’s own powers to heal her from this terror. To this day, she has an overbearing protectiveness over her family, and has a strange immunity to pain.

Crysanthe "Crys" Emmumian-Guardsman

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