Capt. Reggie (Reginald UnBlademer)

Capt. Riginald "Reggie" Captain of The Regiment


Capt. Reggie Captain of The Regiment


Capt. Reggie — He was one of Dar’s Captains. He was captured in the war and forced into gladiatorial combat like so many soldiers. He won his first two tournaments and was summoned to the chambers of a wealthy woman wanting a night of fun. He used that as a chance to escape. He led a resistance group that freed many war prisoners and then got them safe back to Dunbar. He saved many in his regiment and was placed as a captain of it and then placed in Olympia. He sees so much more than he lets on and did all he could to thwart the corrupt magistrate without breaking the law himself. He is also a high level warrior.

He welcomes the thieves guild in the town, realizing that they have kept a far worse criminal element out. There is an unspoken alliance between them. As long as they are good for the town, he has no idea who they are other than that they are contributing business folk and valuable members of the community. he also gets much joy with the Pages Guild, and thinks that anyone who would attempt to cause trouble in this town is in for a surprise. He almost feels sorry for the bad folks that would try, almost.

Capt. Reggie (Reginald UnBlademer)

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