Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Starting at the Beginning

Entering the Town of Olympia

This post will be slightly Mug centric. Feel free to add / tweak where you see fit.

The Rogues had grown in number, from just Mugshot, Lucy, and Nith to include three others. I remember only Khrys’ name, but she’s still part of the group, so that’s cheating. Heard through various channels of information, the Rogues had learned of a valuable artifact kept within the Magistrate’s keep in the town of Olympia, and decided to see about turning the potential value into tangible wealth.

It was decided it would be best to enter the town broken up into groups, so no one would peg us as knowing each other. The only entrance to the town was guarded by a peg-legged old guard. Luciato and the Lady Nith braved him first, posing as a Priestess / Healer and her bodygaurd. Her valuable skills allowed them easy entry to town. Khrys came next, and for the life of me I cannot remember how she got in. I know she almost wasn’t admitted, but time has robbed me of the reason. Mugshot was the final member of the crew to enter. After a quick mental checklist of his skills (Probably shouldn’t show how well I pick locks…), he picked up some pine cones and began juggling.

The guard yawned.

He added a pine cone.

The guard yawned.

He added another, now juggling five pinecones.

HOLY CRAP THAT’S AMAZING!” The Guard was impressed and sent Mugshot in.

Keep an eye out for part two: “Reconnaissance and a Hulking Woman”



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