Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

On the verge,

High Priest Darnic,

Blessings to you and your temple. We are once more on the verge of the Olympic games. We have prepared as much possible for the illnesses creeping the land, and am prepared for the normal game related injuries. With the help of Liad, our .. ahem enhanced facilities are ready to hold a town of sick if needed – though additional caretakers would be needed. If you have any advice, this priestess would be greatful in these dark times.

Also, a discreet warning reached my ears of a possible attack on the Ciaranseer duchy and their neighbors, and disease may be involved. The bards sing of you having ties to the Duchess, so wanted to ensure word reached you. Closer to Olympia, some visiting adventurers led by of all things a blacksmith, and his second in command – a cleric of Kosuth seem to attract trolls. The adventurers engaged trolls in battle, but failed to harvest the blood, or destroy the trolls. I posted a reward for troll blood, hopefully some good will come from it. I’m afraid I must cut this short, I am being summoned to the docks by a distraught page.

Blessings and prayers for a brighter tomorrow, by Mishelkal’s healing strength.
- High Priestess Nytholeseth



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