Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

First we must introduce the town of Olympia. It is a large walled town in the Duchy of Westelve (named due to it being the western most Duchy ending at the border of the elven kingdom to the far west.) The Duke over the duchy is Dar the great celebrated general. (Who has been away saving the aether from Takhisis and her evil plots.) In his absence his brother Under Duke Lord Brian has been running things. Olympia was a small town and outpost fort where two rivers cross until the war. The Empire fortified it and walled the town as a trade goods holding and transfer outpost. Dar was captured by the Krondorians and forced into their gladiatorial arenas. The town magistrate of Olympia passed away and a new magistrate came to town. This magistrate, (Gronch) was corrupt and wicked. He was also very smart. He made sure that his misdeeds were not noticeable and while it made him rich he did not flaunt it during the war. He also allowed Krondorian spies and infiltrators to use the town as a base.

After the war the magistrate began amassing great wealth with his pilfering he also began sending groups out after artifacts and magical items. Many of these he sent to cohorts in Krondor.
By this time he was foolish and had started flaunting his wealth and true colors often as not. Almost his entire town guard force was corrupt and many in the town were corrupt as well.
Durring the war the fort that was outside the town was passed over to a group of Imperial Dunbarian Soldiers that were known simply as The Regiment. This was what was left of Dar’s unit after they were decimated by a much larger (100to1) Krondorian and Endopanese and Gythyanki and Gith pirates. Those that survived after the war were stationed at Olympia and inside the town as well as without. They eventually took over the customs authority and all things outside of town, They are also responsible for the safety of The Games of Olympia (also called the Olympian Games, they happen every year at the end of summer after harvesting) keeping them free from corruption. They patrol the trade routes and the rivers.They are led by their wise and charismatic Captain Reginald, the highest ranking survivor, he was leading the others in their final assault against the horde when the horde suddenly stopped fighting. He was searching for survivors when he was captured and forced into the Gladiator pits himself. He was lucky enough to escape after his second victory (just a few weeks after the capture) He led a resistance movement that freed many slaves and so forth on the border and then got back to The Regiment. They were posted in Olympia to protect the trade routes. Now Capt. Reggie as he is known runs the entire Regiment. (it is assumed that Capt.Reggie knows about the Magistrates corruption, just trying to find proof)
After the war the corruption came to a head and something needed to be done. Enter THE THIEVE"S GUILD.

Olympia has a law of no begging and no homelessness. You must prove you can work and that have a job in side. This is looser during the games, you must prove you have a place to stay and are participating or have a viable skill or have a place to stay and are a watcher.

People of note:
Russet — He was the Imperial Chef and Imperial Body Guard. He is a true friend of Oblivion and Lobo. He learned much of his cooking skills from foreign and interesting cuisine chefs. He cooks kabobs with seasoned meat and potatoes as well as heavy stews of meat and potatoes. They are known around the world and also the Aether. He is re known for his usage of odd choices in weaponry. He is a very high level fighter.

Capt. Reggie — He was one of Dar’s Captains. He was captured in the war and forced into gladiatorial combat like so many soldiers. He won his first two tournaments and was summoned to the chambers of a wealthy woman wanting a night of fun. He used that as a chance to escape. He led a resistance group that freed many war prisoners and then got them safe back to Dunbar. He saved many in his regiment and was placed as a captain of it and then placed in Olympia. He sees so much more than he lets on and is did all he could to thwart the corrupt magistrate without breaking the law himself. He is also a high level warrior.

The Champion Owens— After the Crooked Magistrate was found out and dealt with the town with the permission of the empire they elected The Champion Owens as the magistrate. He was retiring anyway and he loves this town. He is also a friend of Oblivion, Lobo, Liad , Reggie, and Russet.

Sandra — Russets wife. Also an amazing chef and high level mage.

Sarah — Russets Daughter, becoming a decent warrior and now runs a secondary restaurant in the new portion out town of Olympia with her husband Craig (a decent soldier turned chef). Her preferred weapon is a large cast iron skillet with an 20 inch long wooden covered handle.

Danny — Russets son, Young and on his way to becoming a mage. He loved Mugshot like an uncle or big brother and has become a decent juggler in his own right. He has been in training with mages at the bardic college nearby for over a year.

Thieves Guild — They are primarily members of the Rogues Gallery.

Jaffa — He was in the forced employ of the evil prince from the desert lands. After being spared by Mugshot, he swore fealty to him and a life debt. He is a mid level fighter and thief who now plays valet and bodyguard ish to Mugshot. He cares for his house and the guild headquarters as well as his boss’s pet tiger. He primarily stays at the base.

The Pages Guild — The pages Guild is made up of the local orphans. Led by guild leader Pip and guild mistress Sally (who is also momma Krys’s babysitter) they are the protectors of Nanny Mae the woman who runs the orphanage. (she lost her husband and all 4 of her sons in the war, she opened her house to the war orphans and then other orphans and unwanted children. As they have grown they have begun taking care of her and all treat her as their mother or grandmother. Tho many also treat Krys as momma Krys due to her mothering of them.) They deliver messages and small packages in and around town. As they are also orphans and street kids this keeps them out of trouble and teaches them a trade. Local town folks love that they can send a message anywhere in town or a delivery for a mere copper and most tip extra as well for a fast job well done. The Pages are also trained in non traditional weapons such as using jax as caltrops or a yo yo covered in razor blades. They are also all junior members of the Thieves Guild.

Pip — He is the leader of the thieves guild. He has many many secrets. He also is always around when he is needed. He is known as the cute 12 year old cockney kid. He organized the orphans into the pages guild so that they would have a purpose and so they could help Nanny Mae. Not much is truly known about Pip, tho it is known he loves Mugshot’s Tiger. Being small himself 12 looks 9 (elven blood of course) He often rides the tiger as he walks her, he even had a saddle made.

Sarah — 12 Page guild mistress and babysitter to Momma Krys. She is fierce and caring. Very much the good caretaker.

Worms — 11 A nephew of KSF and a member in good standing.

Johny — 9 MGS

Polly — 9 MGS

Ralphie — 9 MGS

Suzie — 10 MGS

Kenny 10 MGS

Bob — 7 MGS



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