Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mugshot's Journal - Commission Notes for the Dick

Requesting 4 semi-permanent wearable trinkets for Dryffa.

1 Passive Protection from Poison & Disease
1 Passive Barkskin and Shield
1 Masking (Make her harder to notice when she doesn’t want to be seen)
1 Offensive Charm (Sharper stronger claws, sharper stronger teeth? Something similar to Shillelagh spell?

Something that she can wear on her legs that won’t get in the way or catch, and won’t weigh her down so she can’t swim like traditional armor would. Please provide an expected cost per item, as well as any suggestions at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Edit: Notes here so player not the forgetting

Passive Protection from Poison & Disease: Blessings of the Unknown God (Full immunity to poisons and diseases, including magical), per Pip.

Barkskin Shield: Collar, 6k gp. See the Dick.

Masking: Shimmer sand brushings once daily, per Jaffa. Should last a month without, but why risk it?

Combat: Git gud. Alternatively, see Celeste at Dragonforge Keep about dragonblood potion. Also, require supply of dragonsblood. (Lasts 24 hours, boost strength, minor Int boost, Claw +4d10 dmg Bite + 3d20 Damage, claws and teeth unbreakable, no harmful side effects, except tired when it wears off) (Illegal for human use.)(500gp / month with supplied dragon blood, 25k / month if she supplies)



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