Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mugshot's Journal #144

Hungry Like the Wolf

You might think I would be so vain as to write that subtitle about myself, but you would be wrong. Also, I have not eaten anyone. Just putting that out there.

We are not under siege, but I would wager our current environment is not terrifically dissimilar. We have long periods where nothing happens, we repel an attack, and go back to the nothing. We are not idle during these times. The Blacksmiths are working hard, the fighters are training, the healers are healing, and I’m doing what I do best, apparently. Gather information.

Granted, I have not much that is NEW information, but we are more efficient disseminating it, and that is not hurting anything. At my suggestion, Reggie and Rolph asked the runners from the games to act as messengers in place of the Paiges guild, and they have accepted unanimously. Again, information is flowing much more quickly now.

My scouts, and our trainees from Fort Lucky (Don’t tell him I called it that), have returned. Most of my scouts, at any rate. The ones who haven’t I fear have been lost, but there’s little I can do to avenge them in our current state. The scouts who have returned have spread out to the corners of town and are again acting as my eyes and ears.

I am remembering this out of place, but Lobo showed up at the request of Russet, and personally retrieved the Brigade of Fire and Steel. He also made quite a large number of people in town priests of his order, and had us sanctify every square inch of Old Town, and most of New Town. He mentioned that he was shocked that I was not already a follower of his, what with his wolf’s emblem and all, to which I replied simply that my Pantheon was getting a tad crowded as it was.

I did not mention that I don’t think I qualified as a ‘common soldier’, either.

Refugees began arriving a few days after the initial attack. They’ve been sent to New Town… What’s left of New Town, and are putting together a shanty town for now. Osrikka, the deathmage from the Brigade of Fire and Steel checked them over, and proclaimed them free of the Plague. I don’t know I entirely trust that, but I do feel better with her having checked at all.

The next day, the sun rose late, and with it, our town was surrounded by robed figures, obviously casting a magic spell of some sort. I smacked Davie awake and began loading my heavy crossbow as Davie went on about mages in a circle being bad news. They finished their spell and a green cloud arose and began slowly pushing toward our wall. I roared, “KILL ’EM ALL!” and planted a heavy bolt into one of their spines, and the town began killing mages with a will. The Dick popped into the tower, gave me a scroll of Windwall, and ran off, after being appropriately [COMMON]dickish[/COMMON], passing out these scrolls to various people around town before casting windwall on one end of town. I cast mine against his, but didn’t aim it terrifically, so oit ended up crossing through part of town instead of around it. Windwalls quickly rose around our town, preventing the gas from getting to us, and we finished routing the mages.

The scouting party that consisted of the Rangers from the Brigade came back in shortly after, annoucing that something gigantic was on it’s way to the town.

I will finish this later, I am bloody tired and I’ve guard duty outside the wall tomorrow.

As a note: Have Jaffa teach the kid some basic thieving skills. Especially escape bonds. That, so much.

As an additional note, Nyth flying was an awesome morale boost for the town. Also, Nyth needs to wear pants if she’s going to fly. Also, also, and mostly unrelated, I owe Hansen another beer.

Mugshot WolfFang Dragontooth of Olympia
Olympian Thieve’s Guildmaster
Member of the Order of the Arches



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