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Mugshot's Journal #143

To be perfectly frank, things are bad. Very, very bad. Yesterday, earth shakes struck. Luckily, the initial ones mostly just served to unsettle folk, but very little damage occurred. Later ones were… More damaging. They brought with them a rain of hellfire, massive stones or eggs that contained more of those trolls the Brigade of Fire and Steel had mentioned. We were under attack.

To the credit of the people of Olympia, the reaction was swift and remarkably organized, as the Guard, Regiment, and really anyone capable of wielding a weapon immediately rose to the defense of our home.Even so, the damage was… Terrible.

[Mug’s Indecipherable Mix of High-Elven, Orcish, Drawven, phonetic Gnoll, Thieve’s cant, and more!]

We are lucky in the timing of the attack, that the harvests were mostly completed. Even so, the loss of our good farmland will be painful come the middle to late of winter. I don’t have a solution yet, but the town is full of intelligent people and I expect if I don’t come up with something, someone will. As it stands, most of the farms have been razed, many have been struck by massive growths of strange stone said to be of a different land. If any farmland is still viable after this remains to be seen, but for the moment it is doubtful to say the least.

New town has suffered fairly terribly as well. The same jutting of stone has occurred here as well, though to a slightly lesser extent, and here they had to contend with more than just Trolls, but people masquerading as sand people bearing horrible diseases, orcs, and more. If and when we survive this siege and can begin to rebuild, New Town is going to require a lot of resources to get back up and running.

Old Town has taken the least of the damage, partly because the walls were stronger here, partly because a silver/platinum dragon [COMMON] THE SIZE OF THE FUCKING TOWN [/COMMON] suddenly appeared over the orphanage and protected it from anything and everything, partly because the Tattood Elf Psionisist that the Brigade brought in has begun shielding the town on a scale I cannot begin to comprehend, and partly because Liad has somehow managed to shield the sky for as far as the eye can see.

No idea how long that will last, but it’s made things at least a little better.

I should mention, if the order these thoughts are in seem out of place to you, the Blue Lady is not currently in my head helping me organize them. Most of her being is protecting our woods, leaving precious little to correct my spelling.

Oh, and the old biddies that were constantly in our business have come to a rather crashing conclusion as one of the stones slammed into their home and turned it into a Crater. I have personally vouched for Teemo’s bid to buy that particular lot should it be available on the market soon.

For people: Russet and his wife are just fine. They defended their tavern (and area) and after seeing them in action, I am still somewhat shocked that they ever need rely upon me for my combat skills. Davey spent most of the initial invasion from the tower of my home, blasting trolls with Magic Missile with the rest of the recruits that the Dick is training. Sally was in New Town when everything happened, and her husband was wounded gravely. They were taken in by The Circus, who opened their tents to everyone who required sanctuary.

Turns out sanctified ground is sanctified ground, even if it’s in the name of an evil god. My honest thanks to Bane and my friends who follow him, they have saved many, many townsfolk.

Speaking of the circus, my hunting buddies the Gnolls are no longer under any pretense of being chained, and move about the town openly since they have proven their at least not against us. They have slaughtered many a Troll, as have the other members of the circus and the gypsies.

The gypsies have also given us not a cure, per se, but a stop for the disease that was being spread by the smaller trolls and the fake Desert People. Small trolls! Yes, turns out these trolls came in multiple different sizes. You had your regular troll sized trolls, you had your BIG trolls, and you had your halfling sized trolls. The big ones were just like you’d expect, the little ones were apparently disease carriers to boot.

They all die pretty much the same though.

Hmm… Gloves, Rolph, Ian, and my Guards were all on the docks outside of town when the trouble hit. Rolph lost an ear and got a bit uglied up, but is already back on his feet and on the wall. Gloves is down to one, having lost a hand fighting the trolls. He saved Ian’s life several times, at the expense of getting his hand back. Hanson was very badly wounded, but like Rolph, he’s already back on his feet. Amazingly, the rest of my Guards seemed to be just fine, and led the charge of lighting the warehouses ablaze and shoving the trolls (and the fallen who had turned and risen again) into them, followed by the charge to get anything usable out of them before they burned down.

I really cannot speak to how much I appreciate them coming to Olympia and helping these people.

Biddies dead, Rolph, Hanson, Gloves wounded but back up and running… I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but this has been an exhausting day.

Between OldTown and the circus, we are sheltering as many people as we can. Lady Nyth is keeping a close eye for signs of infection and doing anything she can to get people back on their feet and combat ready as she can.

I just realised I haven’t seen since this started. I’m starting to wonder if I should be more worried than I am.

Oh, and Jaffa and Dryffa are A-Okay, they are protecting the Emporer’s youngest son in my basement. According to Killian, that is the safest place in the Empire for them.

That thought REALLY worries me.

We still have not heard from the Brigade of Fire and Steel, I believe they are trapped on the far side of the river currently. Hopefully we can get them back into town quickly, we could use more combatants on the walls, and more fire.

Fire… Apparently a full third of the Elven forest has been burned down, and a large portion of the plains have been hit, though that particular attack has hit a roadblock in the form of a dracolich? That has risen to combat the invaders.

Olympia must be fairly important, the Bitch Queen herself made an appearance before Liad turned the sky blue and the Orphanage’s Dragon turned on her. She only showed briefly, laughing, before she was kicked out again, but it was enough to bring Krys running to check on Rolph.

Anything else I need to mention here?

Well, with Hanson back on his feet, the Caravan guards have returned to being the fast-reaction force we trained to be when we worked together before. Move fast, hit hard, fade out before a counter-attack can pin you down. At my suggestion, Ashe has taken roost on the Magistrate’s wall, giving her visibility of damned near the entire town and area around us, which she can consequently put fire on with that bow of hers. She is ostensibly protected by Braum, who is mostly acting as a psychic messenger with his twin who is stationed with Hansen.

After all, we have the visibility. To not use that to our advantage to keep our fast-action force effective would be stupid.

Further, since we have many star athletes in town thanks to the Games, the next time I see Rolph and Reggie, I am going to suggest that we use the competitive runners in place of the Paiges guild (who are in the Orphanage and not leaving until… Who knows when) to get reports and intelligence from Hansen, each other, myself, and likely the magistrate. Better intelligence means we will fight more effectively.

I gave Shenzi my Dragonlance MaceAxe after a bit of Eeny-meeny-miney-moe, and I might even get it back if she fails to kill 20 trolls with it before this is over.

I somehow doubt that gnoll is gonna fail to get those kills.

I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a bit, and I know I’m leaving a ton out, but I’m bloody tired, and I’m gonna rack out for a few minutes until I’m needed somewhere.

Oh! Granny is baking, since she’s got the stuff and she knows the town will need the food, so bread and porridge are being distributed occasionally.

Anyway, as I said. Things are likely going to get worse before they get better so I’m going to rest up while I can.

Mugshot WolfFang Dragontooth of Olympia
Olympian Thieve’s Guildmaster
Member of the Order of the Arches
Not Batman.



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