Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mugshot's Journal #122 / #123

Karlston / KeepTown


There is something about Karlston that puts me slightly on edge, and it has nothing to do with the people. I don’t care what Sylwinalli says, that boat creeps me out. Maybe less the boat, than the man who commands it. The true Heros of the Empire, wherever they may be… There’s something awe-inspiring about them.

And terrifying. I have no wish to meet the Lady Cierra, Lord Greggor, Lord General Dar, or Lord Captain Karl Fischer. I fear that if I ever do, we will be in a situation even WE won’t survive, and frankly, I’ve fought the bitch-queen Tachesis with my bare goddamned hands.

This mission is not going to go down like our first job in Olympia. Olympia was a smaller town, and we were more or less anonymous, allowing free and easy movement as we went about our business. Well, except for Krys of course, but that worked out for the best I would say. RiveRock, however, and now?

Between our adventures and our antics in the Games, Krys and I are known far and wide, and well liked for the most part as well. While it does make some of life easier, it makes clandestine operation nearly impossible, and disguises aren’t going to work amazingly well for this. Not on the silver tusked juggling half-orc especially, and my presence makes the rest of our identities fairly easy to surmise.

As such, I am planning a much more direct approach. After all, we made a couple of friends while we were there, including a mutual friend of Rolph’s. If he’s still around, he may be able to help with information and getting our bearings on the climate of the town. If nothing else, there are both a large temple to Mishalkall and the stronghold of the Order of the Arches, both of which should be beyond suspicion in the matter at hand.

Hopefully we’ll know more when we meet Killian’s spies and Glove’s courier.


There has been an interesting and very unfortunate development. On the barge upriver, the customs officer found a suspicious barrel of Lord Bart’s beer. Inside was a trapped letter, and a leather satchel. Three things of note here:

The first: Explosive Runes is one of the foulest tastes I’ve ever had, and I’ve had Luciatto’s cooking.

The second: Whatever poison or magical disease is contained in that bag is very, very bad.

The third: We now have a lead.

It’s possible we have tipped our hand by opening the letter and setting off the runes, or by opening the bag, but the ability to retrieve the information within was hopefully worth the risk. We are fairly certain They plan to poison the wells of RockRiver on some day, but we do not know exactly when. I don’t know how we’ll stop them, but that satchel is going to be very important.

I don’t know the details of their plan, but they certainly won’t be expecting our move when we make it. The Ranger I have become can’t let them do this to the water supply. We will find them, we will stop them.

We reach RiverRock tomorrow. We start the hunt then.

~Mugshot Wolffang Dragontooth, Head of the Olympian Thieve’s Guild, Ranger of the Order of the Arches



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