Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Mugshot's Journal #?????

Being a thief is hard.

I have to say, the city of Olympia has changed. Do you remember the last time I got to bounce someone out of Russets who DIDN’T have their kneecaps intact? I almost don’t. Even as we grow, things have more or less begun to settle. Even with the troubles, even with the threat of danger, possible war, and who knows what all, Olympia is an incredibly safe place. That does make us a target, but that’s why the guild exists in the first place, right?

Unfortunately for me, master of the Guild, this means I have spent far more time scheming and administrating than I have remembering what it takes to actually sneak my giant ass around, much less fight like a thief. I’ve done too much palms up fighting, and it’s hard to switch back to how I SHOULD be fighting. I swear, it’s like I’ve been someone else entirely for several months now. Oof.

Well, the hell with that. I was never a great thief, but I’m a damned sight sneakier than I showed in the demon realm with those halflings that were trying to sacrafice Ian to… Well, they’re dead so it’s not like I’m going to to be asking them questions now. I’ll have someone with a more precise memory than mine draw up whatever symbol so we can get some research going and find out of there’s a new emergent threat we need to prepare for.

Hmm, of course it could be a feint. Can never be too careful of course. Doubt it’d be Bane, he’s still damned weak right now. Could be Khemosh, but it’s not his style…

Er, yes dear. You’re right.

Ugh, and I can’t believe I showed off my Elvish in front of the new pup. The hell is wrong with me, really? Ah! New blood. The elf, high elf no less, under protection from the Order of the Arches, is interesting. Apparently she’s done… Something. She’s in bad troubles with the Elves for it, apparently. So now she’s my problem. Joy. Need to get more details on that, but that’s not abnormal. She’s in the town guard, which is good. Attitude could use some work, but, eh. High elf. Whatcha gonna-OW!

Heheh…. I’ll probably have Teemo help keep an eye on her. He still sees a bit more than most do. I’ll give Hansen a headsup as well, he’ll need it.

Speaking of Caravaners, it’s coming up on a year since they’ve been in Olympia, we need to have a party or something to celebrate. Is it bad that I checked over my shoulder to make sure a Kender didn’t spontaneously appear when I wrote that?

I know, I know, but we don’t need THAT kind of party!

The other new blood is an ogre. Big bloody bruiser, that one. He’d probably make an excellent bouncer for the Rich Inn during the games, I’m pretty sure he could bounce ME if I let him. For now, he’s working the mines, since he seems to be used to and experienced at that sort of work.

Sort of new blood, I’m hearing that there’s now TWO Ians. Not sure how I feel about that.

Let’s see, demon realm, newbies… Oh! Ran into some Rakshasa on the 3rd continent. Turns out they were part of the Caravan we guarded, though they were not in our section. Knew Teemo though! Got a discount thanks to our mutual friend, got some neat baubles for the kids, and have invited them to our town during the next Games. I’ll help broker a deal between Estefan and Russet for prime space. Glad I recognized that name, I’ve been carrying a note for that Cat for… I honestly can’t remember how long. Frankly, I can’t believe it isn’t out of date.

Anything else? Jaffa is back, thankfully. His brother is alive and well, and he very much appreciated the chance to visit home. Hopefully the next time it happens I’ll actually be in town the whole time… There’s also a new 3rd Continent elf in town, a maker of some impressive arrows. I’ll have to see if he’ll do heavy crossbow bolts as well. I’d also like to know more about where he’s from. Damned tattoo’d elves are always so bloody mysterious…

Oh! And speaking of outdated notes, I’ve had another idea for a spell that would be quite useful for people in our position. Essentially, an updatable missive: You can write a message, send it, and as long as the message isn’t opened and read, the original writer can update it should new information come in. It’s not a perfect solution, but I’ve brought it up with the Dick and he’s apparently going to work on it. He has warned me it will be expensive, but that’s not particularly surprising.

I’m also wanting to pick up another language. Thanks to my most lovely of ladies, I speak several, thanks to my friends from the circus, I’m picking up Gnoll, but I would like to learn Krondorian, and take the time to actually become fluent in Gnoll, since they’re readily available, more or less. At some point, if I live long enough, I’ll try to find someone to teach me dragontongue. We’ll see though.

Now I believe I’m going to go out and see if I can hunt my tiger. Gotta get back into being sneaky somehow.

…Well, I could always claim the claw marks were yours…



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