Rogues Gallery (The Thieve's Game)

Leaving Easton (01/06/13)

In which there are delays

Having completed their job in Easton, with new contacts, friends, and information, the Rogues (we really need a better name for our party, any suggestions?) minus Mondar the Dwarf and Fuzzy (Fluffy?) the Halfling hit the road heading north.

The target? A soul fragment held by a Lich just on the otherside of the border with Krondor. With fierce determination, Nith, Khrys, Lucy, and Mug set out into the cold… Only to realise, “Bloody hell, it’s COLD!”. And so they returned to town to resupply, except Mugshot who ended up just sleeping in the woods. He’s a ranger. It’s what they do.


The next day, properly prepared, the three meet back up with Mug and again hit the road. Aside from the chilling air, they see nothing out of place for the day’s ride, and even find a nice clearing to set their pup tents to sleep. Ignoring Mugshot’s incredibly sage completely worthless advice, the party manages to set their tents and bed down more or less comfortably.

A shame no one thought to set a watch…

Back in town, Mondar and Fluffy (Fuzzy?) are released from jail, having got into a drunken brawl the night before (Dwarves, right?). They get directions, gear up, and follow the rest of the party, hoping to catch up before dark.

They come into the camp well after everyone else had fallen asleep.

Dismounting, the dwarf crawls into the tent at Luciato’s end, only to end up trying to wrestle the body guard out of the tent due to both Lucy stooping to the dwarf’s level, and the dwarf being a dwarf. The tent was knocked down and into the heater, igniting and waking everyone. There’s a quick scramble for safety as our gear and supplies go up in flame, but not everyone was fast enough to avoid the flames.

For a moment, we stood in shock, watching the vast majority of our gear turn to ash before we realise that Chrys is severely burned. Nith quickly sets to work, but the burns are beyond her capabilities, so Lucy and Mug fashion a travois and send the healer and her charge back to town with Fuzzy (Fluffy?) as a guardian.

Utterly pissed, Mugshot cold-cocks the dwarf, ordering Lucy to hog tie him and throw him onto his horse, and soon Mug, Lucy, and an unconscious Mondar are following behind, very stupidly leaving without salvaging the wreckage.

Back in town, Nith and Fluffy/Fuzzy take Chrys to the Temple of Myshyllcall(sp?) for healing, while Mugshot, Lucy, and the trussed up Mondar go shopping to resupply. Without asking, Mugshot pays for the supplies out of Mondar’s money pouch, receiving death glares and futile promises of retaliation from the Dwarf, and odd looks from the townsmen. When his money runs out, it’s Lucy’s turn to pay.

Soon we’ve replaced most of our supplies, and it’s time to have a face-to-face with the Dwarf. After a helpful passerby gave directions to a good alley (and paid 100gp for the privilege of punching the dwarf), Mugshot lets Mondar know that if he messes up at all, one more time, he will be removed from the guild. The unspoken promise being that he’d be given to the Pages Guild. Mug then cut him free and left Lucy (still on the shitlist) to help walk back to the temple.

It’s not until we return to the temple that we realise, “Holy shit. We left a lot of crap behind.”

::There’s apparently food downstairs. If anyone wants to take over and bring us up to date, feel free. ~CD:: Okay god her tag your out go eat::

They get back to the temple and regroup, after a little parlay and info swapping they end up at the cheap hotel and stay for the night (again funded by the dwarf and Lucy)
The next day they head out north again to get the soul fragment. They travel unmolested and reach their former campsite. After going through it and realizing someone pilfered their stuff and while much was left undiscovered, much of value was found and taken. They cleared the area and then reset up camp and this time took watches. Proving to their gods that they can learn if they are spanked hard enough in the money pouch.
During the night they were attacked by some odd looking creatures they had never seen before. They easily dispatched them and found that it was the ones who had stolen from their campsite the day before. The rest of the night passed uneventful and they awoke refreshed and feeling positive.
The traveled along and the road began to have a fence on either side. The road came to a Y and they decided to take the North eastern way. The walls became nicer with stone work inset with heavy wooden beams. After a while they came to a short path that headed due east and then to a nice house. by the house was a large stone barn and 4 statues in the front of the barn.

:: will do more later if one of you guys do not pick up ::



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